Tristan Pelligrino

Alexandria, Virginia, US

Tristan's Skills
Product Management

About Tristan

At this point in time, I have a business idea and am looking to partner with a programmer/developer to bring the product to market.

So, why would someone team up with me? Well, I like to think of myself as a creator. Whether it's a business or a story, I love being a part of the process of creating something from nothing.

Before co-founding a leading video production company, I sharpened my technical and analytical skills as a consultant for Oracle, IBM and other large companies. I also obtained an MBA, with a concentration in Marketing, from the University of Georgia. My past business experience allows me to view creative projects through a critical lens while also keeping an eye on the big picture.

And, if you're into bulleted lists, here are some of my specialities and interests:

- Video production
- Media production
- Web design
- Web development
- Social media strategy
- Social media marketing
- Online marketing
- Business development
- Strategic communications

Special Interests:
- Film
- Documentaries
- Community Service
- Education, Technology
- Social Media
- Blogging
- Marketing
- Entrepreneurship
- Start-ups
- Non-profit organizations