Whistler, Canada

tscholz's Skills
Business Development

About tscholz

I am a passionate long distance runner and keen to tap into the growing market of endurance athletes. I am looking for a programmer/developer to work with to build a mobile phone app for the running community. The app connects runners with other like minded runners. It simplifies the process of finding a running buddy anytime, anywhere, and any place. It helps to motivate runners by connecting them to each other through the app. The app aims to build a community of runners one connection at a time.

Why should you want to team up with me?
I am a life long learner and open to working and collaborating with the right person. I am driven, passionate, ambitious and see opportunity in all situations. I am a risk taker and am comfortable speaking to anyone. Fear is not in my vocabulary. I thrive in transparent partnerships, as I believe in the power collaboration and communication. I will make you laugh too.

My ideal candidate?
You have experience building smart phone applications for iOS and Android. You are passionate about what you do both inside and outside of your day job. You are looking for a new and exciting opportunity in a startup in its initial stages. You are open to a variety of partnership agreements. (Bonus if you are passionate about running, have experience working in a startup, a background in finance, or branding and marketing).