Turgay Birand

Wilmington, Delaware, US

Turgay's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Turgay

I'm the founder of EditionGuard, a SaaS business providing second generation Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions for hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders, and individuals seeking to protect and control the use of their digital media assets and devices after sale.

Our solution, which has been in-market and revenue producing for the last 24 months, presently focuses on providing DRM using Adobe’s Content Server for use by eBook publishers. Moving forward, we are commencing activities to greatly expand our offerings to provide access to a broader range of DRM solutions for use with any digital media asset requiring protection or control over its use.

In order to facilitate this expansion, I'm now seeking someone willing to come in as a full-fledged co-founder in a generous equity-to-start role with 1st year revenue sharing in the highly important position of Vice President, Software Development.

This role provides the potential for future executive advancement depending on performance and strong long-term remuneration, executive benefits, stock options and performance bonus shortly after the launch of this newly expanded service. Absolutely no financial investment is required for this role.

In order to further develop the business, I'm committed to building a top level team as well as an advisory board over the coming months. Future positions will include those good at SaaS marketing, business development and customer relations management. If you think you can be of help with any of these, please feel free to touch base as well.