Tushar Bhattacharyya

Melbourne, Florida, US

Tushar's Skills
Product Management

About Tushar

I am a Test and Product Engineer with Intersil Corporation and have good experience designing hardware. I am very passionate about circuit design and of late, learning how to integrate software with my designs.

I am working on a startup project to design social media enabled hand bands and hardware buttons (connected to facebook, twitter, google+, etc) that would help consumers provide quick and easy feedback to businesses in the form of social media likes by a simple swipe, speech comments or emotions (read by biofeedback sensors) and make better informed choices about products through personalized shopping help and reviews from experienced buyers. It would also help companies reach out to a much wider potential customer base in a fast and effective way.

People will also be able to use the device in music festivals to capture moments, in conferences to connect with other like minded people who share same interests, etc.

We can have three different versions of the product: as a stand alone wrist band with wifi capability, a modular hardware that would fit as an extension to existing bands/watches or as NFC app on mobile phones.

Since I am new to coding, I was looking to collaborate with more experienced programmers who would be interested in co-founding this startup.