Tushar Dubey

Honolulu, Hawaii, US

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First time founder

About Tushar

I am 2x entrepreneur, graduate of Carnegie Mellon University (1998, w Honors), with Silicon Valley experience (1999-2001 business development @ 2 startups) who is looking for a self-motivated and passionate developer who wants to live and work in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

Here in Honolulu, I own and operate a 4 store cupcake bakery chain that was founded in 2005 and currently has over 35 employees and approximately $1.3 million in annual sales. My wife and I founded it from scratch with a $35k bank loan and a $40k loan from my parents- the loans were paid off within 2 years and our annual growth rate has been stellar. The problem is that food businesses, and especially one-product bakeries, don't typically scale like an Internet startup and I don't want to spend the next 10 years of my life figuring out how to sling more sugar and flour. I find myself excited about the wide variety of apps we use daily to manage the business. Scheduling, payroll, file sharing and storage, intranet, to-do lists, remote monitoring, candidate screening, banking, etc.-- as the cliché goes, "there's an app for that".

In summary, I am looking to build a team to create the next killer mobile productivity app for the small-medium business market (SMB). There are areas that are popular and lucrative at the enterprise level but wide open for the SMB market: 1) online video training platform/human resources talent management, and 2) niche financial applications. I'm not thinking of accounting like Xero or Freshbooks, nor enterprise expense tracking- I'm thinking more like drop-dead simple mobile alerting and visualization of costs. Built mobile-first, to save the business owner time and money.

I have quite a network here in Honolulu, and I sit on the board of the Hawaii Restaurant Association. This puts us in a great position to talk with potential customers. I also have saved-up capital, home equity, and strong relationships with local banks that can be tapped if the team and idea come together. I'm a hustler in need of the rational, deliberate, engineering mindset that helps me question and refine the concepts that are laid on the table.

An ideal match would be someone who has built and/or designed for iOS and/or Android. Preferably more than one application. A project or product manager with experience in data visualization, API integration (Yodlee or Intuit), SaaS, Amazon cloud, GitHub or BitBucket, JIRA, etc etc. More importantly, a developer who builds stuff for the heck of it, and has a portfolio of projects to show for it. I look forward to meeting you and perhaps going for a surf.


Carnegie Mellon University

Economics and Policy

1998 - 1998