Tushar Tejuja

Singapore, Singapore

Tushar's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tushar

Each of us has multiple skills, and these skills vary greatly in dimension, intensity and depth. We believe, as do talent experts across the world, that there is a HUGE disconnect between the skills needed for a particular job profile, and the people that are in those jobs. We plan on fixing this disconnect, one job at a time. The startup we're building is focussed on skill profiling and talent analytics. We're a team of three people, me and two others that I am currently supporting.

To build a successful business in this space I am looking for a tech co-founder who feels just as passionate about the talent industry, and about disrupting the status quo which has existed for decades. This individual will have final authority in determining how the product comes together, and what level of service and support is provided to clients.

I believe in complete transparency, and in learning from our mistakes (rest assured, we will make a few)... so this is not for anyone who lives 'by the month'. But if you have spirit, patience, great tech skills and are willing to go the extra mile, please look me up. Would love to chat over beers or coffee.