Tyler Getsay

Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Tyler's Skills
Product Management

About Tyler

Hello, my name is Tyler and I am the "CTO" of Fanvester.com, a platform to bring your favorite events to your city through crowdfunding. Think of us as a Kickstarter for concerts. We are a 4 person team looking to bring on some people for a couple of small to big sized roles in our company.

I am currently seeking out a couple different individuals in the fields of design, finance, and product management.

For design, I am looking for somebody who can work proficiently with a front-end design framework (If you know what col-xs-3 means, this job may be for you). I am not necessarily looking for somebody with knowledge on using a javascript framework; however this is a definite plus.

For finance, I am looking for somebody to who can audit our existing accounts and setup new services. These include things such as payroll, access control, etc. You'll work closely with our event manager to create detailed plans for crowdfunding campaigns.

For product management, I am looking for somebody who is able to help with general business organization. If you've ever seen the show Silicon Valley (and if you haven't; you must), we need a jared. Although i'm sure you're much cooler.