Tyler Hackett

Hartford, Connecticut, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Tyler

At DreamSpark, we believe that the general public should have more influence within the crowdfunding industry and should have the right to collaborate directly with entrepreneurs to create the best possible projects to create massive impact within our modern day economy. I am looking for a Co-Founder who can take over building the application and overseeing the technical aspect of the Crowdfunding application as well as someone who has some capital ready to invest. I would like a Co-Founder who is willing to move from Connecticut to Mass for our launch in Boston after testing the Alpha and Beta for approximately a year. The ideal candidate has at least 2 years of experience in computer engineering and has a good sense of the overall crowdfunding market and they believe that Crowdfunding campaigns who seek high levels of funding should have the same success rates as the more modest campaigns within the industry. We focus on campaigns who seek a minimum of $200,000 to gain their funding on our platform. We want to fund projects which have the potential to have massive daily impact to the daily lives of the general public (ex: Google, Facebook, Sephora, ShakeShack, H&M). DreamSpark's culture is all about collaboration and we do not operate in a very traditional form. We allow for team members to freely express their ideas and create a self identity within the company regardless of their job title. We want to seamlessly have every sector of the company working towards the common goal in creating the premier crowdfunding platform for highly ambitious projects. The ultimate goal for DreamSpark is to raise a total of $10 Billion on our platform to become the dominant service within the industry. DreamSpark is only seeking the most innovative candidates and someone who can do much more than program te application. Join me as Co-Founder of DreamSpark and be the potential head of the entrepreneurial revolution! Look forward to contacting every interested candidate with an open mind.


Central Connecticut State University


2016 - 2016