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SEEKING TECH CO-FOUNDER (must be a programmer and architect)

I know programmers are getting inundated these days with start-up opportunities, and I know it's very hard for you to decipher which ones are legitimate and which ones are not worth your time. So I'll do my best to help you make the determination that we are one of the legitimate ones that can offer you a real shot at creating that "next big thing."

I sincerely believe we possess a great team and idea, and can offer a skilled web developer a very realistic chance at creating something very big, exciting, challenging and profitable. But the totality of this idea can only truly be expressed in a face-to-face meeting or phone conversation, so please contact me if you want to hear more.

This is what I think you should know:

1. Our current team consists of four very talented and dedicated individuals, who, until now, took on different career paths. We have a very diverse set of skills: business, marketing, sales, design, writing, programming. 

2. We don't just have an idea - we've proven our idea. Five years ago we built our "proof of concept" company. Then, we spent 18 months building the real product. We have been operating our business for over three years now. We have a real company with real clients. We are now ready to expand our product and business to the next level. But we want to do it the right way, with the right team. 

3. We have accomplished things that very few start-ups have. We've generated a profit from day one and we've gained the trusted business of over 350 local companies. 

4. This will be a fun and exciting programming and business venture in an industry that has remained untapped for far too long. With our understanding of the industry, personal talents, and devoted/skilled programmers, we will corner a market that is extremely lucrative.

5. We're good guys with good backgrounds. We work well with one another, our clients, and developers. We understand what we're good at and we understand what we need help with. We're not looking for someone to take orders, we're looking for a business partner/friend; someone that is self-motivated to work hard and create something great with us. The existing team members all graduated from top-tier universities (Ivy League) (if that means anything). 

6. I firmly believe that if we put together a well rounded team, we will build one of the most popular and often-used websites and apps in the world. This is a chance to get involved at the beginning stages of that company. 

7. We are looking for a CTO who will work for equity and a very modest salary in the short term and a big payout and huge salary in the long term.

8. Technical Details:

- - LAMP stack using the Yii framework (MVC) with a MySQL primary data store
- - primary javascript abstraction layer provided by jQuery
- - mercurial DVCS for version control
- - mobile application development experience is a strong plus
- - Systems experience on Debian/Ubuntu is a plus
- - Linux/Apple friendly for development environments
- - prior web application development experience is a must
- - prior mobile application development experience is not required, but ideal
- - startup experience is not required, but ideal

9. Yes, I think we are different than all the other "entrepreneurs" and "start-ups" that claim to have the "next big idea"...because we really do. 

So, we are looking for a technical expert - someone that is attracted to start-ups and wants to build a great company. But I know from experience that it needs to be the right time, as well as the right person. So, if you are reading this, and this seems like a great opportunity for you, I hope you are in a situation where you can devote your skills to a very big opportunity...or at least listen to our idea and decide if it is for you.


Brown University


2008 - 2008

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