Tyler Talley

College Station, Texas, US

Soon-to-be-Cofounder / Undergraduate BBA student at Texas A&M University
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First time founder

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About Tyler

I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit:

Since the second grade, when I made and sold colored masks for $2 a piece (before the principal found out, that is), I have known business and the art of creation and expansion was a passion of mine. Throughout my life, I have had numerous ideas, most of which were too large for me to implement, but recently I envisioned a basic, easy-to-make product that satisfies a completely unmet and even unrecognized market need.

This all started with simple idea; nothing more than a basic product. In all honesty, not much has changed, but the vision of what this single product could mean for me as an entrepreneur and how it will enable me to expand and better society as a whole keeps me up at night with excitement.

Our company is founded on the conventional principles established long before our time. In other words, we embody the long-held respect for doing what is right, on both the large and small scale. Things like respecting the nation we are blessed to live in, loving the people in our community and those who protect it, and upholding personal integrity in everyday, mundane fashions, not just in the big moments.

While we value our heritage, we do not stop there. We found through research that when companies focus on the ultimate vision, they experience greater innovation, addition and retention of customers, and trust in the brand as a whole, both from the employee and consumer perspective. We want every encounter with our company to be a positive one, where our mission and vision is the true product people purchase and love.

We (myself and another Cofounder) are looking for an individual/individuals willing and able to offer advice backed by knowledge and experience, as well as invest financially in our startup company (which will begin with the release of one specific product).

****We already have retailers eager to get the product in their hands***,
what we require above all else are 3 things:

1. Angel Investors
2. Patent Protection
3. Manufacturer

The best part is...

Our product is inexpensive and all we really need is enough to get up and running! It will undoubtedly pay for itself within months if not weeks after the release.

Once we handle the listed essentials, there are obvious steps forward that my partner and I are discussing in preparation.

I hope you see the vigor in my language, as I am extremely excited to see the success of our product and business. I hope you take interest in becoming a part of it! The end result is inevitable; one way or another we will find a way to make this idea into a reality. I encourage you to reach out to me if you are at all interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Email: tyler.talley11@gmail.com
Phone: (214) 226-9033


"The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper...and reimagines the world." - Malcolm Gladwell

Work Experience

Financial Services Intern

DHI Mortgage

May 2017 - August 2017

Head Lifeguard

Texas A&M Rec Sports

August 2016 - Today

I assist in managing a staff of over 150 lifeguards, lead in emergency situations, and maintain chemical balances in the second largest collegiate aquatic facility in the nation.


Texas A&M University

Business Administration

2016 - 2017