Tyler Wanlass

Boulder, Colorado, US

Tyler's Skills
Product Management

About Tyler

I'm a full stack entrepreneur well versed in design, UI/UX, frontend development and business. I've built previous companies and worked for startups. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing!

I've built and launched an MVP of a new product. It's consumer internet focused revolving around micro-ecommerce. I'm now looking for an engineer or developer to join me so I can focus on hustling for paying customers, and possibly raising a small angel round.

I'm ideally looking for a Ruby / Rails engineer that isn't afraid to work across the entire stack (from servers and DB's to light frontend work). You're ideally comfortable taking on lots of responsibility and solving tough problems.

I'd also like to apply to the upcoming TechStars Boulder session. Big bonus if you're interested in the program as well.