Tyrone Hazen

Bend, Oregon, US

Tyrone's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tyrone

I am currently in the beginning product and business development stages of a disruptive consumer product and medical device that has both niche and mass market appeal. With the assistance of my advisers, we have identified a Blue Ocean market space and have applied for a non-provisional patent to provide added protection around our product offering.

The size and scope of this market is exciting and we are currently processing our data to confirm the accessibility of the market space, qualifying the potential ROI for future investors, and are continuing research and development of the product to best fit our target market.

On the product development front, we are defining manufacturing options, costs and timelines. Regarding business development, we are defining infrastructure, logistic, staffing and marketing costs, verifying target market size, and collecting and parsing data on all potential secondary markets. Additionally, we are recruiting and assembling an all-star team with considerable product development experience as well as relationships and expertise in our target market.

We are currently targeting early spring as the completion of our next milestone which will include a fully-functional product prototype, an investor presentation and slide deck supported by a business prospectus.

I have experience in smaller, self-funded startups, but this project will be a different story entirely. I'm looking for a co-founder with physical product design and development experience along with go-to-market experience or expertise.