Tyrone Ramsay

Adelaide, Australia

Tyrone's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Tyrone

We are a mobile gaming company currently based in Australia, We do not plan to stay in Australia, We will move to where our co founder will be based.

We are looking for a co-founder ideally with mobile gaming experience things like successful startups, acquired companies etc, We also need someone that we are going to get a long with.

We have already been speaking with investors and we already have an investor in England interested in investing in us if we get a experienced co-founder, We already have four game proposals that we are going to create with many more small ideas written down, We are also very happy to take on new ideas.

We plan to make Breakout Studios the #1 mobile gaming company in the world within the next 2 years.


Adelaide University

Aerospace Engineering

2015 - 2015