uche amadi

Phoenix, Arizona, US

uche's Skills
Product Management

About uche

I am an innovator, visionary and web designer/developer with a relentless drive for success. I have the attitude of (If I think of it I will do it and if it fails… oh well I learn from it and get better next time…life is too short to stress it plus I like to learn new things).
I’ve gained my experience building cool stuff within the technology industry for the past 15 years with a degree in Computer Science/Business Administration…but not the typical looking geek that you see in movies. I love to have fun but can be focused when it comes to business.
I have spent the past few months developing /refining a IOS and Android mobile app that would change the way people discover places, happenings as well as interact with people they care about in any city in real-time. This app is industry disruptive and my vision is to see it become the only go-to app when people are out on the town for the evening in any city around the world. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT.
I am pleased to announce that this app is live and ready to be introduced to businesses. I am looking for a marketing co-founder with a drive and passion to succeed to join me in taking this to the next level preferably someone that understands the start-up culture, has good communication skills and can establish a business relationship within the hospitable/entertainment industry.
The ideal co-founder would receive ownership equity with the company and will then receive salary once we complete raising funds.