Uchenna Chukwu

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Founder @ Quantopo, LLC
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Business Planning
Quantum Information
Quantum Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Science
Software Development

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First time founder

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About Uchenna

My company, Quantopo LLC, is a quantum machine learning company focused on leveraging the geometry of quantum mechanics within quantum computers to improve on tools in statistical modeling and topological data analysis. Our algorithms focus on the analytical needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, though many have applications in defense, marketing, healthcare, and other industries.


The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. - Alvin Toffler

Work Experience

Research Assistant

Joint Quantum Institute

January 2012 - May 2014

• Trained on management and maintenance of lab applications on LINUX based operating systems. • Collaborated with four graduate students and two post docs to assemble a quantum hybrid system of trapped Rubidium atoms and superconductors. • Received training and completed a number of programming projects for numerical simulations (MATLAB, Quantum Optics Toolbox, and Scuff-EM). • Co-authored on a September 2013 publication (http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.2024362) • Completed and presented an honors thesis in laser cooling and trapping. • Attended weekly meetings and discussed progress and areas of focus.

Software Engineer


June 2015 - September 2018

• ASP.NET Web Api/MVC development • Agile Scrum software development • Led test automation team: utilized Git for version control, program test files with Java and local IDE, and configured build on Jenkins for nightly jobs of automated testing. • Utilized BitBucket for version control of JSON data models for API resources. • Assisted heavily with QA testing of API and data in SQL Server prior to new releases • Worked in office and remotely

Research Assistant

Center for String and Particle Theory

May 2013 - August 2014

• Completed a computational project requiring computations of Lie group representations for various supermultiplets (Complex Linear and Supergravity) of Supersymmetry. • Collaborated with six UMD students and Professor Sylvester James Gates (Distinguished University Professor, University System of Maryland Regents Professor, John S. Toll Professor of Physics, and Center for String & Particle Theory Director)

Software Engineer Intern

Sealing Technology

January 2015 - April 2015

• Hadoop -based software development. • Implemented modules for Apache Storm and Apache Accumulo on Cloudera Hadoop distribution. • Received training and completed projects on configuring VM, Centos Linux, Hadoop, and Zookeeper on a local machine. • Completed project on modules that execute Java Messaging Services with ActiveMQ for passing data between client and servers. • Studied and analyzed cyber-risk assessments with dynamic Bayesian network

Founder, CEO

Quantopo, LLC

November 2017 - Today

• R&D in quantum-based algorithms of topological and geometrical methods that help extend analytical methods of machine learning methods, statistical models, and graph/network analysis. • Business development includes mapping analytical needs of pharmaceutical and biotech problems to near-term hybrid classical-quantum computational models • Company admitted to Creative Destruction Lab Quantum Machine Learning incubator program (July 2018) • Participants received free annual quantum access to DWAVE and Rigetti’s quantum back ends, through affiliation with Creative Destruction Lab. • Co-founders developed first proof-of-concept of a quantum generalized linear regression model with a 10% improved accuracy on a real world data set • First proof-of-concept developed with Python programming language, Tensorflow, quantum software packages from Xanadu and AWS • Co-founders invited to PyData Miami 2019 to speak on Quantopo’s open-sourced development of a quantum machine learning model • Co-founders published paper in Digitale Welt on benchmarking a quantum network analysis model (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s42354-019-0167-x) • Awarded two pilot projects for showing proof-of-concept with the company’s time-series and optimization modeling toolkit • Current objective for Quantopo is to provide an end-to-end suite of algorithms, in an easy-touse software, that supports each stage of the clinical trial and drug discovery pipeline. • Proposed initial team includes 4 technical experts in quantum computing, algorithm scaling for big data, topology, machine learning, and statistics, as well as a domain expert in biomedical sciences and in business development


University of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

2006 - 2011

University of Maryland

Bachelor of Science in Physics

2012 - 2014

Johns Hopkins University

Masters of Science in Computer Science

2014 - 2016


Creative Destruction Lab