Ujjwal Gupta

Tempe, Arizona, US

Ujjwal's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Ujjwal

I am an electronics enthusiast who believes in knowledge open sourcing and have considerable experience in re-configurable hardware electronics design. I am looking to initiate a start-up as a co-founder with emphasis on technology but I am open to other areas of business development as well. I believe we are in a highly technology driven market and each business decision no matter what idea we implement has to me made keeping that in mind. Please contact if you are interested in chatting with me about impact of technology in your area of business development or you have some inputs of your own.

Internet: I have deep technical knowledge about how internet works.
Web development (Back-end): I have an eye for good designs, but I am not a web developer (I have done some coding using HTML and CSS, even made a mini web crawler using Python), in general I am a good negotiator in dealing with project specifications and getting the work done.


Arizona State University

Master of Science (Electrical Engineering)

2014 - 2014