ujjwal poddar

Kolkata, India

hi i am Ujjwal kumar i am a founder of eCommerce website i also sell in other marketplace
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I am a 21-year-old college dropout entrepreneur I have worked 6 months in BPO in which I dealt with the customer from USA and Australia I have handled more the thousands of calls from both the country. I have learned how to handle customer while I was there and after that I helped my brother to set up BPO / KPO company I have created multiple websites for business I am an expert web developer, digital marketer, and business developer just a few years ago I started a website name Huntaim.com [Domain meaning hunt+aim=huntaim]which was a socal meadia website just like Facebook in which we were trying to help people find there aim and currenty I am working on my own startup with my brother its an ecommerce company we are profitable we have sold more 100 thoused doller worth of products and we have a great idea to facilitate commerce globally here is my website https://poshace.com


"The four most beautiful words in our common language: I told you so." - Gore Vidal

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September 2016 - Today

I am one of three partners in the company we have sold more 100 thousand dollar worth of product



September 2016 - Today

we also sale in multiple sales chanels incolding amazon


University of Calcutta

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2013 - 2014

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