Ulf Hamster

Brunswick, Germany

Machine Learning
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Software Deployment
Problem Analysis
Fixed Income Products
Quantitative Finance
Engineering Management
Data Engineering
Google Cloud Platform
Machine Learning

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About Ulf

Hello, my name is Ulf. My strengths are a) the explorative, abstract phases in problem-solving, b) machine learning techniques, and c) deployment. I'm looking for new partners to develop and deploy ML products.
I am focusing on two projects right now (one more to drop):

(1) Investment Game app
- users need to beat our ML models to unlock levels
- team: you (it's UX heavy), you (maybe PWAs?), me (backend APIs, ML/sequences)

(2) Exercise Analyser app
- record training session on video, automatically extract data to track (e.g. rep counts, bad form, etc.)
- team: Quantified self enthusiast (App Dev), me (ML/CV, backend APIs, wireframing)

Every expert was once a noob.
I don't intend to develop the perfect product before launching anything. I want to bootstrap (sorry nothing to earn here rn) and play the long game, the long "validated learning" game.
Maybe you just started to learn coding web apps, android, app, or any app. Or to sketch your ideas, wireframes or figured that you have an eye for gaps, the whys, and hows. Maybe you are a young person who want to show off your skills. Or you are experienced but a professional in different field of expertise.

Drop me an email, so we can talk about.

Work Experience

Quantitative Research Analyst, Information Technology Architect

Infinigon GmbH

October 2010 - December 2018

The first hire to program all software tools required for a fixed-income investment boutique. Working closely with users (e.g. portfolio manager, risk, sales and clients) to give quantitative modeling advice and automate data processing and computation.


Deutsche Asset Management

December 2008 - March 2009

Intern with the Credit Arbitrage Products team. Responsibilities: - Sensitivity analysis and simulation of CLOs - Portfolio monitoring - Cash flow reconciliation - Monthly model-based CLO valuation - Support with client reporting - Attribution analysis - Developed software tools


Siemens VDO Automotive Singapore Pty. Ltd.

May 2006 - August 2006

Consulting. Conducted a multi-case study on the product development processes.


University of Bremen

Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur (equivalent to M.Sc. Engineering Management)

2002 - 2010

National University of Singapore

Study abroad

2005 - 2006

National Taiwan Normal University

Language course

2002 - 2002


Advanced Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization


Architecting with Google Cloud Platform Specialization