Ulf Röttger

Münster, Germany

Ulf's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Ulf

Hej · Looking for someone to team up with. I mostly need a business partner with good networking skills and focus on marketing and sales. A few hours time are just fine.

I am open for remote teams, lateral entrants and your business ideas.

My current focus is on the product called Athēnē - a helpdesk / support communication system based upon Atlassian JIRA - and building the general business infrastructure for any SaaS product. You can find a little bit more about me and my startup on http://mimr.io

About me: creative, playful and diligent thinker, with a wide range of roles and experience in software business, field archæology, mapping/geodata and humane sciences, publishing, employed & freelancing and training. Even got some experience in real estate business :)

I currently work as product manager, tech-support trainer and developer and have a long term background in sales, ERP consulting, agile team building. I am passionate about UX/UI, persistent about QA and design and have strong communication.

In addition I am open for anything combining something about running, biking, music, geo-location/mapping, ebooks and humane sciences, publishing or even real estate. And if you want to build something with Evernote I am very interested to learn about it.


Westfälische Wilhelms-Universtität Münster

Ancient Near Eastern Archæology, Philology and Applied Geoinformatics

2009 - 2009