Umesh Handore

Beverly Hills, California, US

Umesh's Skills
Product Management

About Umesh

I am currently working as Technical Director for a non-profit organization here in Beverly hills, CA.

I hold a Masters Degree in Computer Science and have almost 6 years experience building web applications using different frameworks like MVC,OOPS with languages like C#,PHP, and also using various CMS like WORDPRESS, DRUPAL,SITECORE.

I also have very deep understanding and practical experience for different Design patterns like Domain Driven Design ,which is now widely used in web applications.
I also have practical experience working and building applications on SAML( Single Sign On solution)

My full time job entitles me to research, architect, build and test new applications and technologies.

Currently I am working on designing, building and testing a mobile framework which will deploy mobile apps to all the current mobile platforms at ones, hence reducing the cost and time for building mobile apps for different devices.

I want to use my experience and knowledge to partner with like minded people to work on some exciting and new solutions.