Umesh R Sharma

Tallinn, Estonia

Umesh R's Skills
Java Enterprise Edition
Product Management

Age Group


About Umesh R

9+ years of experience in architecture, design and development of scalable and distributed cloud based
applications with Master Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology.
• Expert in utilization of various offering of J2EE, Java Script, Struts, Hibernate, Spring stack, &
hands-on experience in technologies such as AWS Cloud, J2EE , MySql, MongoDB, memchache,
apache, tomcat, hazelcast.
• Posses Strong knowledge of computer science, data structures, algorithms, and designing and
developing large systems software with various design pattern.
• SME in cloud architecture design supporting AWS EC2, also senior support escalation for any infra related issue experience of handling 100+ servers on AWS in different environments. Used AWS tools develop a secure, robust platform which auto scales with load.
• Trouble shooting & admin experience of various development build tools & Servers like Apache ,
Nginx , Maven , Jenkins , Gerrit.
• Experience with Distributed Computing and Scalable Solutions, ECommerce, Real-time
Communications, service monitoring tools Icinga ,monit & log related tool like loggly , log stash.
• Developed a multi threaded & highly scalable Messaging Server (signal , chat , video ) for supporting platform.
• Manage Build & Release related tasks and automate all the concerned phases of build & release along with Cloud provisioning.
• Writing book with Topic Practical Microservices (publish July,2017) and Reviewer of the book
GitHub Essesntial.
Java8, Spring, spring-boot,spring-cloud, Hibernate, Eureka, hystrixs, Junit XML,REST, JMS, Activemq, Shell Script, AngularJs, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ehcache, Ubutnu,Linux, Maven,Tomcat, JBoss, Apache2, Memcached, Nginx, Eclipse, Net bean, BIRT, MySQL, Mongodb, Neo4J,GIT, Apache Velocity, Jmeter,Icinga, Monit,Puppet,Jenkins, Jira, Hudson, Gerrit, EC2, ELB, Auto Scale, RDS, Dyanmodb, lambda function, Code Deploy,
VPC, Cloud-front, S3, IAM, SQS, SNS, IOT, Cloud Watch, VPN, Elastic Search