Nashville, Tennessee, US

Ummara's Skills
Product Management

About Ummara

I recently graduated from Georgia Tech where I received a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering. I moved to Nashville in February 2014 after receiving a full time offer from an electrical equipment and energy management company. Because I've always been interested in launching a start-up, I figured now is the perfect time - I am no longer tied down with schoolwork, and I have plenty of time during the evenings and weekends to invest into a business. Some of my strengths include:
-Planning and time management
-Attention to detail
-Analytical/logical thinking
-Communication and writing

Areas that require some improvement for me include:
-Creativity - I am capable of coming up with interesting ideas and offering creative design ideas, but I am not a graphic designer and I may not always have the best ideas.
-Programming - I have programmed in languages including MATLAB, HTML, and Python, but I do not consider myself a programmer. I am mediocre at programming.

I am looking for a co-founder who is interested in starting an e-commerce business centered around the fashion and beauty industry. I have an idea or two, but I'd be interested in brainstorming other ideas as well. I would like a co-founder that can offset my weaknesses. I'd prefer if he/she is more on the creative side and more of a programmer. Someone who is great at networking is also a plus (especially since I am new to Nashville). Lastly, I would like someone that is motivated and driven, much like myself - I am not looking for someone who just wants to earn money fast. I'm looking for a partner that is passionate about the business and willing to persevere even through the struggles.

Please reach out to me if you are from the Nashville area and consider yourself a good fit!