Uri Strauss

Amherst, Massachusetts, US

Founder @FanMarks; looking for technical co-founder
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I am here because I am obsessed with an idea for a different kind of fantasy sports platform, and I lack the technical skills to build it myself. I am a lawyer from the public interest sector with some experience building and managing nonprofit organizations. I must confess that I have not started a business before, and never saw myself as entrepreneurial. I am someone who, in an instant, had an idea and immediately knew he had to build it. I've spent several months designing the product and learning everything I can about startups.

Right now I have a detailed design that needs review before implementation. Because the product will be expensive and time-consuming to build, and product-market fit can really only be tested with a built product in real time (target date is before the 2018 NFL season), I have coded a simpler app that introduces the novel concept that the final product will be based on, in a way that I hope will promote the concept and help test whether users will embrace it. I am, however, a novice coder. The tech co-founder's first task will be to debug, improve and implement the simple app.


Case Western Reserve University


2006 - 2009