urvi bhandari

Dallas, Texas, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About urvi

I am a nomad. My purpose in everything I do is to build community and infrastructure for the modern day nomad. Currently I am completing a real estate development course so that I can build residential (main focus) full service communities for nomads across the globe. My past background has been as an executive within the corporate world for 17 years in roles ranging marketing, business development and brand development, strategy and execution.
The short term project (5-10 years) is to build hyper local communities with global connectivity. As a nomad you have the resources and infrastructure to plug and play in any city you go to. Long term (20 years) the goal is to build floating cities. Cities on ships that go around the world. Allowing nomads to live, work and play across the globe with their home and resources they need.
I am looking for someone who is great at operations and has similar visions for the future. Ideally this person would have more real estate background than me but it is not necessary. It is imperative that this person has an eye for details but can ladder up the details to the overall strategy. Someone who is strong with finance and is willing to support me as I get to the same level. An assertive but not aggressive personality that enjoys talking with others and is personable. Someone who is willing to collaborate and yet push others & themselves to be the best they can be. Exposure to both corporate and startup community is ideal in their work experiences. Someone willing to take risks. Travel will be required. Initially being able to get to Dallas for long periods of time is ideal but they do not have to be based here.