Usman Zuberi

Melbourne, Australia

Usman's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Usman

Hi everyone, I am a filmmaker turned entrepreneur who is starting the new year with some really exciting possibilities.

I have been working on a mobile sharing app in the social enterprise / community safety / mobile sharing space for about 5 months and we are close to MVP. I have the patent, the TM and all basic legalities and IP sorted.

At this stage, it is myself and a tech founder (Android developer). We are now looking for a Tech Co-Founder (IOS) build our team. We have the seed money to cover out of pocket expenditure and offering sweat equity to someone who is looking to put the hard yards in.

Our ideal match would be someone who is not under financial stress for the next 6 months as we need this time to develop the product for IOS, pitch to Angel Investors and gain some traction.

We have a lot more to tell and show to the appropriate candidate so please do not hesitate to contact us.