Uve Poom

Tallinn, Estonia

Uve's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Uve

I am a co-founder and business developers at BudgetMatador.com, which brings finanzial zen to SMEs, NGOs and their financers. My and my fellow business developer have years of experience in managing budgets, cash flows and reports for grant-funded organisations. We really want to make the process easier for everyone involved.

In short, BudgetMatador is a web app that helps manage budgets, financial forecasts and reports of particular projects as well as entire organisations. That's pretty much everything that precedes the fun act of accounting in an organisation.

Our team in Estonia has been working on the BudgetMatador web app since October '14. We're close to finishing our working alpha and have a good shot at a seed round.

We have a complete team (5 people), but our top-notch front-end developer in capacity of CTO has been conscripted, so we need someone at least as good as him or even better to take over the wheel. This means we need our CTO to be front-heavy:
- JS frameworks
- RESTful web services
- System architecture
- UX & UI solutions

Why should you join us?
- You get to work with founders who have a clear vision of the product/market fit
- You get to work with an experienced back-end developer and a designer with thick-framed glasses. They have been working on the product since October 14
- We are also working with Trinidad Consulting (UX) and two front-end interns to ensure outstanding UX and UI solutions
- You get to work on a product that targets a huge under-addressed niche
- You get the keys to a state-of-the-art platform that uses Backbone in the front and Java in the back
- You get a front seat in our car. So if we do well, you do well.