Uyen Tran

Arlington, Virginia, US

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About Uyen

My clinical experience in the medical field and business aptitude has inspired me to help those in financial duress due to healthcare costs or simply lack of access to affordable or available healthcare. My dream is to make a difference and have that become a F/T job, which lead to this idea for a startup. There have been other sites that have goals similar to mine, but nothing like what I have in mind. I know this can be successful coming from the medical field as a clinician, vendor, orthopaedic device consultant, and business person in multiple arenas. The need is there, and I believe there is a profitable solution that can change healthcare as we know it.

I have a business plan, but need business partners strong in programming, legal, and financial matters.

My companies have recognized me for excellence in clinical and technical knowledge, top sales growth, team building and development, and management. Given revenues <$50k, I have been able to create top 3 nationally ranked territories and districts in a short time (less than 2 years) and with extremely lean resources. I have put together and helped to train highly technical and consultative teams in under a year. I have held positions such as regional sales manager and selected onto executive committees at different companies to strategize new product launches and market growth. Having worked at several different companies that went through major changes, from smaller startups being acquired to larger company mergers, I have learned to persevere and succeed.

I care about others and I can sell; when I am passionate about something, I will make you passionate about it too.

If any of this excites you, let's connect via LinkedIn or email.


Virginia Tech


2003 - 2003

Shenandoah University


2005 - 2005