Uyi Omokaro

New York, New York, US

Uyi's Skills
Business Development

About Uyi

I am interested in
building an E commerce website/app that revolutionizes the way manufacturers, buyers and sellers interact. I am looking for a co founder residing in the US, willing to bootstrap my funds until we build the app, gain traction and can raise funds.
Things I have done before
I founded the ad agency DM2group. We have run successful ad campaigns for Sprite, Coca Cola, Guinness and numerous FMCG's. I'm also a playwright , having written, produced and directed the critically acclaimed play The Butcher and The Bridge. My core skills are ideation and business development .
I am Looking
I'm looking for someone to ride with me on this journey. I can fund up to $60,000 and we can bootstrap the funds until we raise some money. I would like my co founder to be a developer or a business developer. We can discuss the idea and plans in detail when we speak.