Uzayr .

Ottawa, Canada

Cypto-Geospatial - Telematics - UTM Systems Drones/UAV's - Entrepreneur
Uzayr's Skills
Business Analysis
Business Strategy
Business Intelligence
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Uzayr

I am looking for a well experienced website developer who can contribute to my idea and make that idea into a reality. I would be happy to team up with young driven individual who shares the same vision as mine and would be willing to take the risk with this as I am. I am willing to name them my partner if they are as eager I am to make this happen.

Uzayr is a graduate of Geomatics Major with his specialization in drones/UAV technologies. He has been researching in the unmanned traffic system solutions concept and its business modelling for over a year now. Some pivots in his career sparked for an idea a SaaS product called DroneEntry which he founded in August 2016. - is a portfolio management tool for drone pilots. Apart from drones, he invests major of his time in his local entrepreneurial community and helps other local startups/ students around basics of entrepreneurism. Encourages self-development and loves to create a challenging environment for himself and others around to push for growth and skill improvement.

My current researching in the following :

1) Drone Technologies - Unmanned Traffic Management concept.
2) Blockchain Business Modelling



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