Vahid Ghanbarpour

Urmia, Iran

iOS developer
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Unity 3D
IOS Development
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About Vahid

Born on July 5th 1999 to be a programmer, loving mobile application development and game industry​. Love to solve problems and to do the impossible, self-learner and a team player​. I pay attention to details and passionate to make the best product available (details make us different)​.
My GitHub: https://github​.com/VahidGR?tab=repositories

Work Experience

iOS developer

October 2015 - September 2016

I co-founded Zima studio ApaPay app UI/UX design and Swift programming ApaPay is a fintech building management software featuring unit bills payment etc. You can see your utility bills and monthly payments for the facility and pay them online. ApaPay app developed but never published because key partner canceled the contract due to their new market strategy.

iOS developer

Jahan Hushmand Farda - جهان هوشمند فردا

August 2017 - November 2017

I developed two apps whilst working in JahanCo, Didar and iForm Didar is a store-like app created with Swift3 which allows you to manage your products, show them to your customers, edit your products using your phone (take/upload photos) and change the app environment. It uses Alamofire to make http requests. Project source: iForm gets PDF files from the server and allows you to save them in your iBooks app. Projects source:

iOS developer


December 2017 - January 2018

Cryptopenny is a cryptocurrency monitoring app created with Swift3 which allows you to monitor 1400 top alt coins. It uses APIs to get the right data. Project source:

iOS and Unity3D developer

Atomix Studio

April 2018 - Today

I have developed a few games and apps in Atomix Studio which I co-founded with Ramin Jalili. I'm just going to get into it. C# programming in Unity3D environment. EscapeShip is a simple game developed using Unity3D game engine which you control a space- ship through the asteroids. Just don't hit the asteroids and you'll be fine. Project essential files and scripts: FingerBite is a game developed using Unity3D game engine which you put your finger between two carnivorous plants, they randomly attack and you should save your finger from being eaten. You can compare yourself with others through the leaderboard within the game. Project essential files and scripts: I've worked on two multiplayer games, one based on Don't Break The Ice game and the other is a simple football game with 4 players (cubes as player game objects) in each match. I was responsible for C# client-side (Unity3D) scripting and server-side Node.JS for both games. I'm working on an app which includes blog, store, custom charts and a test section that allows you to take international tests (like SAT, YKS and more). I have almost completed the UI. I am responsible for UI design and Swift coding. Project source: I'm currently working on a group offer application which you can see offers across the city on the map and order in-stock products. I'm working on custom views and animations. Responsible for Swift scripting.


Urmia University of Technology

Computer engineering B.S.

2017 - 2021