Vajira Nissanka

San Francisco, California, US

Vajira's Skills
Product Management

About Vajira

I am a UX designer by profession. I have been doing UX design and research for over 10 years and prior to that, have 4+ years of software development experience as well. I have post-grad education in both Computer Science and Human Factors.

I have a few good product ideas across many different industries and want to pitch them to potential co-founders to narrow down on one, and work on a prototype in our spare time (for now). The goal is to have a prototype and a business plan to take to potential investors (or maybe even an incubator program)- and assuming that we get funding, start our own company.

I am already working on a simple mobile app with a developer friend (and plan to launch it within the next few months) and we both feel that additional support will be helpful for our next product.

Some last thoughts - I strongly believe that a strong team that can execute well is extremely important and an idea is nothing unless implemented well. That said, if you think that a good implementation is better than a good idea, it is unlikely that we will get along :) Yes, as some have said - a good implementation of a bad idea may be (somewhat) better than a badly implemented good idea. But a good/great idea I believe is what takes a product's worth from millions to billions.