Val Gorsky

Southampton, United Kingdom

Val's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Val

Entrepreneur and Environmentalist with several projects started, from IT to Hybridships . Long experience from e-commerce, e-learning and marketing.

Founder and Co-owner of Buy With Thrills Ltd, an innovative sales and marketing concept that uses new and proven tools to help SMB in retail and other business to succeed.

We at BWT have been emboldened. As a new startup with a bold and innovative new retailing and marketing concept, we participated in the IBM #WatsonChallenge.

Retailing projects scored highly in the Challenge and one of our closest competitors in USA, Fluid , consequently received a direct investment from IBM to develop their software. We at Buy with Thrills are now looking for a partner/programmer to develop our site to a beta.

BWT "splits up" the sale process, allowing for new marketing tools and introducing gamification in ecommerce. We also use Big Data in a new way.

BWT is already well developed so If you are interested in discussing the potential of collaboration please contact us.

Motto: One idea can change the game and with an excellent team it can change everything.