Valdis Barrett

Mandan, North Dakota, US

Valdis's Skills
Product Management

About Valdis

Hello there!

My name is Valdis and I am a young techpreneur looking to make the internet a better place , one line of code at a time. I have a plethora of great ideas that I'd like to make into a reality however I lack the back-end know-how to make them come to life. For that reason I've come on here to find one or more people who share similar ideas and passions as me to build some awesome products which could eventually become proper start ups!

I believe that the ideal team is 3-6 people and that it should stay that size as long as possible. I don't understand why there are big start ups with 500-1000 staff when the product could easily be recreated with a good team of 4-5 people. I also believe in getting stuff done quickly and properly. I can pump out a page of UI design in 3-4 hours and I am looking for people that are equally as fast and capable of building something quickly.

If I sound like someone you'd be interested in partnering up with , shoot me a message! I promise you that my age won't make a difference and that at the end of the day , it might actually be one of our biggest assets when it comes to marketing.

I look forward to hearing from all of you ,

- Valdis