Valentin Saulyak

Odesa, Ukraine

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Product Management

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About Valentin

My name is Valentin, I am software engineer. My current position R&D Team Leader.
I am looking for person with marketing experience, someone who can design product marketing strategy and implement it.

The startup is discount platform, which will replace plastic cards systems with mobile phone.

Short story how I came to idea for start up:
As supplier, I buy different staff in different shops. They provide me discount cards (plastic cards). I newer take them with myself. Every time I visit store I have discount - I just remember I left discount card at home. I think it would be nice to have discount at my phone as usually I always take it with me. So I decided to build service which allow me to do this.

I started to investigate area of "e-discount" and found applications for bar-code scanning. I should mention - for bar-code scanning applications merchants should have infrastructure of scanners, centralized DB, also merchant should make a card which customer should scan. It cost money and time for deployment. Not all the people, who begin their business, ready for this. Usually they are retail merchants (like boutiques, small shops). Such people are my auditory. They can use my platform instead regular one and save their money.

So I see 2 points to get into the market:
1. Simplification of discount mechanism (good for customers)
2. Decrease expenses for discount program (good for merchants, who already don't have infrastructure)

Currently I am working on application prototype.

Short about me:
I am team leader of R&D in startup called imonomy.
Here is my Linkedin
My email:

I am looking for co-founder who experienced in business part. Who can help me to:

- create marketing strategy, which allow us to get first customers, analyse market and understand it requirements;
- define product grow direction according market requirements;
- hold current customers and bring new;
- react for market changes;