Valeri Dorsey

New York, New York, US

Valeri Dorsey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Valeri Dorsey

I am a Harvard-educated start-up CEO with 2 companies under my belt that are still ticking and net over $1 million in revenue. My previous co-founders now run those startups so that I can focus on my current business.

I am creating a B2B company which will address the marketing and admin problems faced by small service based businesses.

I have a background in both design and business - which has proven to be a great mix for identifying and executing on opportunities. The combination has been extremely valuable for me in the startup world as well.

The business plan and wireframes are complete.

So far, I've conducted dozens of customer interviews, created a vision and plan for the initial prototype, and started to interview developers. I need an engineer on board as a co-founder to help add momentum to the company especially as we begin to develop solutions and tools for our service providers.

I plan to hire a UX expert, while remaining the product manager, unless we find another design teammate who will be in charge of design with co-founder status.

As an engineer, you should understand the different phases of a startup.
You should be willing to build and test quickly.

If you are senior - then that is great - but you should be willing to do some coding in the beginning until we can hire other developers/programmers to assist in the project. I am definitely open to outsourcing some of the coding work in order to keep our team moving quickly towards our goal.

I believe in constantly shipping and understanding the user base so you should have the same ethos. You should have worked on some great products in the past.

I am very well connected in this domain space to potential customers, angels and VCs, as well as high profile advisors. And, I have a large email list that we can market to once we have pulled together that minimal desirable product. Once we get a product complete - we should be able to onboard 250 customers fairly quickly.

I will start to raise a seed round in January 2014 and I'd like to apply to Tech Stars as well.

Please let me know if you'd like to join my team.
I have a feeling you'll be happily surprised at what we can build!

PS. My name is not Valeri Dorsey - I've kept my background anonymous since I have worked with very well known people - and in order to preserve the future plans of the company. Please reach out for more information if you are serious about starting a company.