Valerie Coffman

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Valerie's Skills
Product Management

About Valerie

Social Media Intelligence for Food.

Feastie has over 2 million data points on who cooks what, when, how popular each recipe, ingredient, and food writer is. We use proprietary natural language processing methods to crawl over 1000 blogs and mine the ingredients, dietary restrictions, course, cuisine, cooking technique, brand names, sentiment, and how and where it's shared online. Our business model is to sell this data to food companies and their marketing/pr firms to identify social media influencers for advocacy campaigns and trend tracking to guide product development.

We have a real product that is ready to sell. I am looking for someone who can generate leads and close deals.

One more thing: Our tech has the potential to be applied to verticals besides food. There is much demand for this capability in fields like healthcare, travel, gadgets, etc.