Valerie K. Parker


New York, New York, US

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Product Management
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Founded 2+ startups

About Valerie K.

Are you a developer who loves innovation & impact?

Do you enjoy experimenting with new technology?

Contact us for more info! Preference given to Boston and NYC based devs.

* We are mostly seeking front end talent right now who understand middle layer work and also AngularJS.
* You can manage/ participate in daily code pushes and check ins.
* Experience solving large-application and user-level problems such as performance & scalability
* Knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery & Bootstrap framework
* Experience writing effective & efficient SQL
* Excellent teamwork and communication skills
* Mobile development experience a plus
* 5+ years of experience
* HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap
* You know content. You understand processing of content.
* You may have worked on game development in the past.

A little about me: My journey began in the heat of the Summer of 1998 in Kingston Jamaica, with a camera in hand. I saw the power of media, music, & art to catalyze the growing movement for for sustainability & consciousness. I formed a non profit, a marketing/digital media company & traveled the world. After amassing a wealth of lessons while working on the ground with humanitarian projects, I launched the premiere fair trade festival in North America growing it to more than 5000 attendees for 7+ yrs fusing fashion, film & interactive arts with a concert format - a modern day version of the legendary Live AID festival. I went on to work at the MIT Media Lab to examine the power of linking seemingly unrelated disciplines and new technology to create a methodology to deepen global impact of social enterprises. I lectured globally representing the US on delegations to Peru & Egypt speaking on technology, cultural awareness, & sustainable development. I saw technology grow quickly to match the shift that took place in consuming - to one committed to the "triple bottom line" (people planet + profit).With the help of a few high profile investors, we incorporated a new company and filed patents for our new platform catalyzed by cutting edge technologies.

A note to my match: You enjoy working with a great team. You love your work and thrive in roles that show off your skills! We are poised to go to market with years of legacy behind us and some seriously high profile investors. If the idea of being in on the ground floor of something lucrative that will scale large while also having an impact on the world excites you - contact us.

*Please be advised that you should already be located in New York City or Boston /or be ready to relocate.


Emerson College

Bachelor's of Arts

2000 - 2000


Startup Leadership Program