Valerio Grottola

Shenzhen, China

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Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

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About Valerio

I'm Italian, 42, but i live in China since 10 years. I am in the import export business, buying in China and selling in Europe. Now it's the time to reverse the flow.
My project is to create a web platform to sell european (especially made in Italy) luxury products to China.
The platform is a marketplace similar to ebay where people can close deals with chinese customers.
I need a web programmer able to realize what i have in mind. I already invested some money for a core php engine based on Magento, now we need to work on the graphic and user experience. I am preparing a landing page in italian in the meanwhile, and i am also keeping a blog about selling in china (always in italian) where i hope to attract italian vendors and manifacturers. I have clear ideas about how to reach chinese customers provided we have a working and user friendly platform.
I have a business plan and 2 people in the team.
The programmer we are looking for will be member of the founders team. We don't require investments but we are all working for free, waiting to launch the start up. The people i'm looking for should be ready to work full time on the project - as i do :-).