Valery Prokhorov

Moscow, Russia

Entrepreneur, political consultant and campaign manager
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Hi there,

I’m in process of launching a startup that will radically change the field of politics and civil activity. The idea is to develop a new class of software - Political Campaign Resource Planning Software Platform (PCRP) that will make the entire political process more transparent, understandable to the public, easier to enter and financially affordable for independent and non-partisan politicians or civil activists. The concept echoes with ERP in some ways but has some principal novations that make it unique and revolutionary.
The concept of PCRP is based on 30+ years of experience of elections management and development of winning strategies for the elections and civil initiatives of non-partisan and independent politicians in a hostile environment in former Soviet states. Preliminary observation of the concept made by business professionals in different countries shows its viability and good business perspectives.
We look for the technical lead who is a full-stack software developer with startup experience. The deep knowledge of AI/ML technologies is a great +. This person will responsible for building the development team as well as the technical vision of the project, budget management and infrastructure.


I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. - John Adams


Moscow Academy of National Economy


1996 - 1999

Syktyvkar University

Master in Physics

1987 - 1992