Vallab Nayak

Edison, New Jersey, US

CEO @ Aersys Inc seeking Business CoFounder with Fundraising Experience
Vallab's Skills
Project Management
Corporate Management
Circuit Design
Video Production
Graphic Design
Web Application Development
Android Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
MySQL database design
Digital Marketing
Lean Manufacturing
Six Sigma
User Experience
Public Relations
Product Management
Business Development

About Vallab

I am an engineering student and entrepreneur seeking a CoFounder with a strong background in business and relationship management.

As an Industrial & Systems Engineering student with experience at many organizations, I have a strong business, marketing and technical background. I have experience with web/mobile app development, drones, robotics, artificial intelligence, database architecture, professional video production and photography, graphic design, digital marketing, social media strategy, search engine optimization, six sigma, and lean manufacturing.

My startup is incorporated and has a strong foundation and business plan. I am looking for a CoFounder who can handle the business aspects of the company.


The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Peter Drucker

Work Experience

Production Coordinator, Owner

Nayak Studios

July 2015 - Today

Nayak Studios is a visual media company dedicated to producing professional visual content for corporate, consumer, and entertainment endeavors. It offers professional video production and photography for live events, performances, corporate work, real estate and more. I own and operate Nayak Studios as a professional videographer and photographer, with the intent to make these services affordable for everyone, while maintaining the highest quality standards in visual media.

CEO & CoFounder

Aersys, Inc

January 2018 - Today

Aersys, Inc. is a logistics startup developing a network of A.I.-powered micro-fulfillment centers to support the adoption of drones, rovers, and other technologies in the delivery industry. Drone and rover based technology is the industry response to an increase in consumer demand for fast, flexible and affordable delivery. These technologies require networks of thousands of micro-fulfillment centers in order to be commercially viable. However, several factors make it unsustainable for every delivery company to operate their own proprietary networks. Aersys is developing a network of universally-compatible automated micro-fulfillment centers to streamline the delivery process for businesses, delivery companies, and their customers.

Customer Development Intern

NyTech Inc.

August 2013 - January 2016

Nytech Inc has been serving businesses, both large and small, with information technology solutions since 1994. Serving Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses in the US Northeast, NyTech Inc has earned a reputation as a reliable source of robust systems and solution for any Information Technology need. With the release of robust new business platforms like RequestProposal and SCMetrix, I was responsible for testing the products' functionality, communicating with clients, and creating strategies to translate their feedback into useful product improvements.

North American Regional Director

Green the Gene

August 2015 - December 2017

Green the Gene is the largest youth-run environmental organization in the world. With over 45,000 activists and volunteers across 42 countries, its goal is to transform humanity's perspective on the environment through young voices. As the North American Regional Director, I worked with National and Local Directors to implement grassroots projects. I entered the organization as civil disobedience was gaining momentum in the environmental movement. I played a role in assessing the organization's legal options and best practices when employing different activism tactics. In addition, I was a voting member of Green the Gene's Global Board.

Director of Outreach

Rutgers IEEE

May 2017 - May 2018

Rutgers IEEE is one of the most active engineering organizations at Rutgers and continues to grow rapidly. My role at Rutgers IEEE was primarily organizational development and consisted of many facets. First, I rebranded the entire organization with new logos, a consistent color scheme, formatting guidelines, letterheads, and position/department naming conventions. Second, I created a matrix management structure for the organization's communications, primarily done via email, social media, and IM groups. Third, I launched Rutgers IEEE's first promotional campaign, created promotional trailers and buying ad space on social media; this created an increase in membership well beyond initial projections. Fourth, I pushed for and spearheaded the transition of two Rutgers clubs - N2E Coding and Electronics -into Rutgers IEEE divisions, significantly increasing the size and operations of the organization. Fifth, I organized Rutgers IEEE's pictures and events and created a long-term sharing system with the School of Engineering, ensuring the organization's work would find itself on the school's website and promotional material. Lastly, I proposed and advocated for a new program in which Rutgers students would visit high schools in underprivileged communities and host interactive robotics workshops to get students interested in STEM and higher education. The goal was to present STEM as an attainable field for underrepresented groups, primarily minorities and women. As the world becomes more dependent on engineers, better representation will ensure public support and engagement in the things we do.