David Kauffman , Adviser

User Experience, Strategy

Vancouver, Canada

David is looking to advise a startup

About David

Adviser experience

Engaged in advising 4 businesses over 1 years

Startup experience

, 4 years operating startups

Relevant industries

Technology Media


User Experience Strategy

Key accomplishments

Envisioned and delivered Prinergy, Creo's flagship software product


About David

I'm a pattern recognizer and dot-connector, seeing things before they are obvious to everyone else. Product Strategy, user expectations management, and board governance all are experience areas this skill has help me with. I'm passionate about story-telling as a way to get people to work togeter and to share a common goal. I help develop and tell the relevant stories and metaphors to help new companies leap forward faster than their competition.



B.S., Electrical Engineering

1982 - 1982