Vandita Kedia Purohit

Business Development

San Francisco, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Vandita

A Serial Entrepreneur, founded Mint Tree, India in 2009. I have 6+ years of experience in B2B/B2C Sales, Sales Training & Consulting across various Industries- Healthcare, Finance & IT and have worked with Companies across India, UK & USA. I want to help SMB's & Start-ups globally, gain traction by being their Sales & BD Partner.

I am also looking for Programmers/Developers/Designers/Product Developers to be Co-Founders and help me make my Ideas a reality. I am a highly motivated, hard working and enthusiastic person and looking for like minded people. I like creative thinking and have lots of Ideas that I want to work on and I believe that every IDEA is worth giving a shot!!
I like to learn new things and meeting new people, travel and cook.

Always happy to help & learn more!!


RTM Nagpur University

BE Electronics & Telecommunication

2008 - 2008




Draper University