Vanessa Ferragut

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Vanessa's Skills
Product Management

About Vanessa

Hi! I'm a Sustainable Event and Meeting Planner in Washington, DC and founder of Ferragut Event Group, LLC, an event planning company that focuses on sustainable meetings and events. I am passionate about working with organizations that use events and media as a way to market sustainable products and services, and promote community activism whilst minimizing their overall environmental footprint.

In addition to my passion for sustainable events, I’m also a local foods enthusiast and am now embarking on a new venture - Greenease!

I am currently developing a database that allows local food enthusiasts, vegans, vegetarians, etc to search for, and find, restaurants and cafes that source directly from local farms and/or provide sustainable, organic and healthy foods and beverage options.

The landing page is up at

Our ultimate goal is to bring awareness to those businesses that locally, and responsibly, source local and free-range, cruelty-free meats. I have contracted a developer (company) to build the first version of the website. We hope to have the first version of the website up and running by the end of March 2013.

I could use the help of a co-founder to help me get more restaurants and farms engaged and someone who has a strong knowledge of the technical jargon that goes with developing a website (and subsequent app).


Mount Saint Mary's

International Business and Spanish

1999 - 1999

George Washington University

Masters of Tourism Administration

2010 - 2010


Certified Meeting Professional