vardhan k

Vancouver, Canada

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Cofounder, CTO
vardhan's Skills
Product Management
Public Relations

About vardhan

My Profile and what I can do as a CoFounder/Partner:

I am a software engineer with 12+ years of Industry experience.
Worked for giants like Amazon, PayPal, Bank of America and so on as a software engineer.
I can manage the technical aspects of the software product. In short I will be your Software Technical Partner aka CTO.

Can help implement the requirements in software development at a cost effective price.

Why me?
I can be your Technical go to person for your software requirements

Will be assisting you to get software services at the best optimum price and cheap maintenance costs.

Can explain technical details in layman terms to business people/customers.

if you partner with me, rest assured you will be relieved of the software technical burdens of your product.


Understand things in depth and clearly. Solve the root cause and not the symptom. - Myself