Varun Harjani

Springfield, Virginia, US

Varun's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Varun

I am a very motivated person that wants to build a business in which it could help people and make there lives easier. The idea that I have in mind is called Instahome. Instahome is the picturesque home remodeling review site for consumers. We provide users with the traditional word based review, along with “Before” and “After” pictures so the customers can gauge exactly what impact the remodeling project had on the house. Customers will also have an option of browsing through portfolios of contractors that have joined the site. Finally, our website would also give the customers the option of contacting contractors through our web site by directly messaging them. We want to revolutionize the way people review home remodeling projects. The way the site would make money is charging a subscription fee for contractors for having a portfolio on the website. This would be great for small time contractors as well as contractors that do not know how to make websites.