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About Varun

Headhunter by profession, traveler and adventure freak by passion. I love to travel, read books, mix easily with like minded people in life. I am a firm believer to try out new things in life and see what works out and what doesn't.

I am looking for a co-founder for my travel start-up.

The kind of personality I am looking for in a Co-Founder is :-
• Qualification – College dropout or Passout. IIT, IIM certainly NOT needed (no offence to anyone)
• Should be Honest and straightforward
• Experience – Basic knowledge how any business works, preferably someone who has failed once, twice or maybe three times in their entrepreneurial career. Experience in Sales will be highly appreciated
• Skills – Basic web knowledge, how to write emails, create posts and help in moderating social media. Everything can be learnt in the world if one has the right attitude
• Attitude – Never give up on your dreams
• Confidence – It’s not over until I win
• Overall Personality and Impression – Big Dreamer willing to make a mark in the world

What’s in store for the right person?
Equal Stake in the company which is in early start-up phase and already making profits + opportunity to lead one of most successful travel companies of India