Vazgen Ayrapetyan

Kings County, New York, US

Vazgen's Skills
Product Management

About Vazgen

I am software engineer/full stack from New York City. I love people, code, and snowboarding. I am also passionate about using my technology chops to help people connect based on the things they value.

I am looking for a business developer (hustler) and marketer (hipster) - both who are just as passionate about startup life, SaaS platforms, consumer software and connecting people.

The web app is complete, now working on the mobile apps and looking for a co-founder to handle the business side.

Product: SendPal - Finding People Made Easy

SendPal is an effective way to find exactly who and what you are looking for, FAST. Post realtime listings and classifieds on our wall and get notified of interested users. Use our natural language based search to find specific types of people and notify them of your listings. Watch your listings as interested users respond in realtime. Use the built-in chatrooms to connect.

Main Features
- Realtime feed of classified listings. Easy to use, simply select "Interested" or "Not Interested" on listings.
- Smart search to find people using keywords like location, gender, interests, skills, professions, qualifications, etc.
- Advanced user profiles. Know who you're connecting with; their experience, professional background, and interests.
- Built-in realtime chatrooms to connect with interested users.
Web app complete.
Financials and (realistic) revenue projections complete.
Deck complete.
Cross-Platform mobile app in-progress.
Preparing to start the first round.