Vedant tripathi

Indore, India

A guy with a great vision to accomplish a lot of ideas ...inn9vative.
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Product Management
Business Development
Public Relations

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About Vedant

I am a guy with lot of enthusiasm to create something new and innovative to change the social base of my a way to eradicate a problem ....i hve thousands of ideas but ...want to go with one which best suits the requirements of my target audience..I hve to make my dream come true by launching an team "will be known as (UTDI)united team for development of India".


"Whatever you think ....that you get"law of energetically interactions - Vedant tripathi

Work Experience

Intern learner

Spark tutorials

August 2015 - March 2016

Here I learned a lot of skills of undertaking a startup venture....and all its journey. .that is incredible me....