Veera Sandiparthi

San Jose, California, US

Veera's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Veera

I am the founder of consulting-oriented company called InfraMatix Inc, specialized in IT Security with main focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies. Although I was very successful in my career, it wasn’t very fulfilling to me, so I spent a lot of time thinking about what excites or makes me happy. After thorough introspection, I realized that like many entrepreneurs, it excites me more when growing something from nothing.
My expertise is around Identity & Access Management and related technologies. Identity Management is a 20 billion industry that is growing day by day. As attacks and fraud rapidly evolve and put hundreds of millions of consumers’ identities at risk, the market is seeing swift adoption of solutions to address these growing security issues. With the increasing importance of security, innovative products that addresses not only an organization's security challenges, but also enables businesses to exploit new digital trends such as ability to engage customers, employees and the crowd in a more compelling and coordinated manner using mobile, social and other channels.
I am looking for like-minded co-founder(s) and individual contributors who takes pride and inspiration in owing and creating something that improve the quality of life of those around us and also have the ability to see a solution or finished form when presented with a very minimum input.