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Kings County, New York, US

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About VenDipity, Inc

My name is Joseph Gomez; co-founder at VenDipity a start-up company based in Brooklyn, NY. We are an Internet Company with exciting patented technology, to reinvent the vending services industry for the mobile electronics consumer generation. Our flagship product is the Chargem system in development for the past two years. While still working on some final technical issues, we think we're at the point to begin preparing to bring it to market with the right players. Our product has passed the proof-of-concept; Prototypes have been market tested and are fully functional and ready for demonstrations. Now we are equipped and on standby to move to next steps for first round investor presentations within the next 2-3 months. 
Are you interested in having a conversation with our team to see if there is a match?
We would like to focus on networking with like-minded, ready to act entrepreneurs that may perhaps share my vision and values, but can bring an entirely different perspective to the business.